Scott Wasserman

Gives meaning to the word “innovation”

by Kaitlyn Breloff
Interviewed by Ryan Drummond

A 1992 graduate from the University of Delaware, Scott Wasserman has been creating businesses since he was in high school. His passion for computers and software has led him to a successful career as an entrepreneur and to his most recent gig as Founder and CTO of Artisan Mobile Inc.

At the age of 8, Scott attended classes where he was taught basic computer programming; so began his fascination with computer science. However, he had other interests as well, such as architecture and music. In high school, Scott formed his own record label, which he continued to run throughout college. As an undergrad, Scott also began to do some software consulting on the side. From arts to software, Scott dabbled in a little bit of everything during his time as a computer science student at UD.

Scott’s first start-up was born during his time with a software company who hired him after
college. Funded by the CEO of the company, Scott created a new division focusing solely on
multimedia computers. This first start-up gave Scott valuable insight and experience that stayed
with him as he continued to work in the business sector.

Later on, working with the same CEO, Scott went on to co-found Stitch Networks. Stitch
Networks built the hardware and data network for credit card readers on vending machines.
Following a six-month break, Scott became a member of the founding team for QuiqMeds, a
company that provided a mini-pharmacy in a doctor’s office.

Artisan MobileCurrently, Scott’s main venture is Artisan Mobile Inc., which provides Mobile Experience Management software for mobile devices. This program allows users to customize their mobile experience without the hassle of coding. This is accomplished by means of software included in an app that communicates with its cloud-based platform. This MEM platform is broken down into three categories: understand, experiment, engage. The breakdown of these categories explains how data is collected and analyzed to create the optimal user experience.

Scott believes that passion is the key to any team. Without passion, an idea doesn’t have the fuel to succeed. He also believes that a wide range of talents and levels of experience are needed to really see a project take flight. This creates a well-rounded view on a product, which, as Scott says, is what leads to innovation.



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