Evan Washburn


Interviewed by Ryan Drummond

Sometimes, waiting around for someone to hand you an opportunity just won’t cut it. Especially when that opportunity includes interviewing future hall of fame greats like Tom Brady and Payton Manning. Sorry to rain on the ambitious dreams of young students, but the higher up’s tend to shy away from telling a recent college graduate, “Hey kid, go get me that interview with coach Belichek”.
evanW2In this episode of AmazingAlumni, learn how UD Alumnus Evan Washburn, created his own path, worked hard, and managed to get his foot in the door of his dream job in the world of professional Broadcasting. When he finally managed to get two feet in the door he found himself surrounded by true professionals. He instinctively knew when to listen, when to ask questions, and took advantage of every opportunity that came his way.
Please indulge the AmazingAlumni/AmazingStudentShowcase organization and take a listen to this audio adventure with UD Alumni and CBS’s NFL Sideline reporter, Evan Washburn.

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