A Student-Athlete’s Six Steps to Landing an Internship or Job via Online Career Fairs

In the next few weeks, The Athlete Book will be hosting a series of online hiring events for college athletes. The format of these events will be primarily ‘chat based’; These ‘chat based’ career fairs will continue to trend in popularity. Online career fairs are a fairly new concept, but for busy students and traveling campus recruiters, there is no better way to recruit campus talent. This is especially true for recruiting hardworking student-athletes. Their career development path requires a special type of on-the-go flexibility that virtual career fairs can readily provide.

It’s important to note that online hiring events are the start of the process, not the end. They are meant to serve as a ‘top of funnel’ portion in the overall recruitment lifecycle. This athlete-get-hiredmeans that student-athletes shouldn’t ‘go for the close’ and don’t ask about compensation; It’s a bit early in the game for that. Instead, take the position of an investigator, not a salesman. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t want to try to sell yourself. Simply being curious will show that you are interested, and being interested makes you interesting. When I say ‘be investigative’, I’m not saying you should interrogate. Instead, think of online career fairs as a fact-finding mission.

Prior to any online event, you will need to create a profile. This shouldn’t take longer than five minutes and with The Athlete Book, you only need to create this profile once. Make sure you have an updated resume that highlights your top interests and achievements at the beginning of the resume. Campus recruiters will typically only glance at your resume, so make sure you have the best stuff at the top. It’s also vital to ‘humanize’ your profile with a picture of yourself. Studies show that recruiters are more inclined to want to pursue profiles that have profile pictures.

Finally, a question we are often asked is how would a student-athlete approach this type of event so that it results in a job or internship offer? Therefore, we’d like to share six easy steps to doing well in the online career fair format so that you can land a job or internship.

Step 1. Meet & Greet: Let the campus recruiter know that you are excited to meet him/her & learn about their company.
“Hi Sara, It’s nice to be chatting with you, I’m excited to learn about your company.”

Step 2. Create a Personal Connection: Ask about them.
“Before we get into it, what drew you to the company, and how long have you been with them?”

Step 3. Ask Questions: Find out what they are looking for in an employee.
“Can you give me an idea of the ideal candidate for this position?” This is my number one tip for any type of interview format because it’s like getting answers to the test beforehand!

Step 4. Learn About Job Specifics: Get details on the job function.
“Sara, can you go into a little more detail on what this person would likely be doing on a daily basis? Are there any key skills, product knowledge or traits that would be particularly valuable to the position?”

Step 5. Occupation Location: Find out the location preference for the opportunity.
“Where in the country would you like to hire for this position?”

Step 6. Work Environment: Get a sense of the company/team environment and culture.
“Can you help me picture the team and culture. Would you say that this is an individual contributor position or would I be collaborating with a team?”

Of course, they will ask you plenty of questions along the way, but when you get answers to your questions, you will be able to determine if this job is a good fit for your personality. If you are interested, let them know and tell them why. If possible, use their language, plugging what they deem as important. However, if at any time you recognize their opportunity as a poor fit, tell them and tell them why. Be friendly, but remember, there is no sense in wasting anyone’s time if it’s not going to work for both of you.

For example: “If you are only hiring in Chicago, it’s probably not the right fit as I am looking settle in the New York area to be close to my family.” Who knows, maybe they have a New York office; that’s why it’s good to explain why you are or are not a good fit.

Hopefully, this blog post has helped to prepare you for your next online recruitment event. Please take a look at the upcoming hiring events provided through The Athlete Book. If you would like access companies hiring college athletes and more blog post like this, join TheAthleteBook.com. We hope to see you online soon!

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