How a Campus Recruiter Should Approach an Online Career Fair

If you work in Campus Recruiting and are responsible for selecting recruiting events, eventually you will consider participating in an online career fair.
The question many campus recruiting managers ask us at The Athlete Book is, ”What should my recruiters say to keep the conversation moving?

A recruiter’s conversation in an online career fair should be essentially the same as that at a live career fair. In either format, let’s acknowledge that career fairs are top-of-funnel activities in the campus recruiting life cycle. We’re not there to make job offers.

If you ever have staffed a booth at a career fair, then you know that by the end you’re on the verge of losing your voice, having repeated yourself a hundred times. Since online career fairs require typing in private chats, your throat will be fine. However, because of the repetition, we recommend your recruiting team conduct a brainstorming session prior to the event for developing answers to typical questions. Come together on ways to start the conversation and make a list of the three main points you communicate when describing your internship program or entry-level jobs.
Creating a master career fair Word document will give you the freedom to copy/paste the first few exchanges in a dialogue. The team exercise of creating this content will bring efficiency to the online event and may create cohesiveness among your team. Two bonuses are you will uncover insights regarding your organization’s value-add and will generate a piece of training content for future recruiters who join your team.
Once your game plan is established, it’s time to check your mindset. You should approach this event with curiosity.
Keep the conversation going by identifying the candidate’s true interest and finding their “why.”
Determine and record the career development stage for each candidate. When recruiting campus talent, you come across a range of students. Some have given little thought to their future, and others know exactly what industry and job they want.
With The Athlete Book’s online hiring events, a candidate rating screen and ranking section will pop up after every chat. After the chat, note the career development stage and rank the candidate. Recording that quick note before moving onto the next candidate will provide valuable post analytics. notesbrazen
Setting up pre-qualification questions can be a useful tool for generating conversation. When participating in The Athlete Book’s hosted online career fairs, you have the option to create yes/no questions that are asked automatically when a booth participant clicks to have a private
chat with one of your recruiters. The recruiter is able to see how they answered the questions and can use that information as material to drive the conversation and understand their perspective.
At The Athlete Book’s hiring events, your team can establish a maximum of five pre-qualifying yes/no questions. You will want to weigh yes as a positive mark toward your criteria. How the candidate answers will determine their order in line, so your recruiters are speaking to the most relevant candidates first.
By participating in online career fairs your company is at the forefront of the industry. Your presence in the virtual space will leave an impression that your organization adapts to trends and welcomes innovation. Leverage that impression by spreading the word of your involvement. The Athlete Book provides a marketing tool kit and our team is happy to customize fliers to include your logo. You also have access to the communication kit, which lists a variety of email and social media post templates. If you register as an employer, you also have access to The Athlete Book job board and slack community.

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