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The Athlete Book exists to serve you, the elite athlete.  We source employers that want to hire athletes for Jobs and Internships.  We create easy-to-access virtual and live hiring events so that you can meet employers who want to hire athletes.  Take our career discovery assessment, so you can get a better idea of jobs that align to your dominant traits.  We’re also a development media company, producing video and podcast content aimed to entertain and result in personal growth

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The Athlete Book empowers athletes to take control of their career paths.

Navigate the job market with confidence by finding your direction on the road to success. Life after college is more than just getting a job; it’s about getting the right job. Join now and start your transformation.

Career Discovery Assessment

Your personality has many compatible career and company matches. The ability to articulate who you are and which job environment is right for you can make all the difference in getting placed with a company. Self-acknowledgment releases positive signals of confidence and puts you in control.

Development Courses

Preparing for the job world isn’t always straightforward. To help, The Athlete Book solicited professionals across industry to provide short and easy-to-follow instructional courses on topics such as Resume WritingInterview PrepOptimizing Your LinkedIn Profile, and much more.

Virtual Career Events

The Athlete Book platform offers athletes the opportunity to connect one-on-one with prospective employers by hosting numerous virtual hiring events throughout the calendar year. Events frequently target different candidate segments — such as Diversity in College SportsWomen in College Sports, or company-specific events — allowing you to talk to employers looking for athletes like you.