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With The Athlete Book, your athletic department will consistently deliver unique and engaging experiences for your athletes, alumni, donors, and employment partners. To learn more, choose a feature below or keep scrolling.

Confident control through measured growth experiences. Only The Athlete Book can turn your live events, and athlete education initiatives into an evergreen, gamified, e-learning experience. By combining easy-to-consume content with professional events, and incentive-based learning your department growth becomes contagious from the top-down.  Week-to-week professional development contest with The Athlete Book get your coaches and athletes rowing in the same direction.  Attract employers, donors, and corporate partners to engage in your athlete’s professional development.  

An approach that breeds new revenue

When athletic departments gamify the frequency of career exploration, opportunity widens in more ways than one.

The Athlete Book provides athletes with a system that guarantees readiness for life after sports.  The secret to our success is measuring the frequency of career exploration through events and lessons.  There is nothing new about the team-by-team competition in college sports.  The Athlete Book specializes in calculating event participation and producing two-to-five minute video lessons that offer digestible insight for the athletes.  Each lesson is delivered by a working professional or an event speaker who is passionate and wishes to teach athletes about their industry, company, and jobs. Similar to attending an event, each video lesson consumed earns your athletes punch points. After each lesson, the athlete is given the option to go to the next lesson or answer bonus questions for additional punch points.  Finish the lessons in a course set and earn a badge. Points are calculated for each athlete and shared on a team leaderboard each week. We deliver your average points per team, which creates competition among the coaches. Nobody wants to be at the bottom of a leader board, which motivates athletes to be accountable to explore and because lessons are short, career exploration becomes easy. The Athlete Book offers a number of free professional development courses such as:


  • Financial Literacy 
  • Amazon Hiring Information
  • TEDx Public Speaking Course
  • The Motley Fool’s Stock Market Basics
  • Bouncing Back From Injury with 3X Olympian Heather Mitts
  • Athletes Nailing The Interview
  • Finding Career Flow State (Coming Soon)
  • Growing your Social Capital
  • Sales At Oracle
  • LeadershipAcademy.Io
  • Personal Branding with Cheldin Rumers
  • Mastering the Networking Situation (Coming Soon)
  • Sales for Athletes (Includes Workshop)

Measuring athlete career exploration

When your athletic department measures the frequency of athlete career exploration a flywheel of growth emerges.  Don’t waste money on career development software for your athletes that will never guarantee the results you need. Instead, invest in a system that demands athlete growth and new revenue for your athletic department.

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