Athlete Career Development, Jobs, and Hiring Events

The Athlete Book is not just an effective career development resource for athletes. It’s also a new source of revenue for your athletic department. Bring weekly gamification to your athletes to identify future career passions.

Price Options


Yep, it’s completely free.

Get your athletes started on their paths to career success.

This package includes:

  • Athlete profile cards
  • Online courses
  • Featured info sessions
  • Career discovery assessments
  • Featured employer breakdowns from Amazon, Nasdaq, Oracle, and more


$41/mo or $450/yr
Save $42 with our yearly plan.

Track your athletes’ career progress with a full suite of analytic reporting.


Basic Package features plus:

  • Downloadable CSV
  • Average points per athlete
  • Total number of athletes
  • Total courses completed
  • Weekly engagement reports
  • Leaderboards


One Course for $500/yr
Save $100 with 3 courses or $300 with 5 courses.

Prepare your athletes for the workforce with your own customized courses. 



Basic Package features plus:

  • Gamify your required learning
  • 1 hour of total content per course
  • Consultation/road map call
  • Sponsor space to offset costs
  • Monetize for use by other schools

An approach that breeds new revenue

When athletic departments gamify the frequency of career exploration, opportunity widens in more ways than one.

More Details

Gamify Your Own Course Contentᴮᴱᵀᴬ

Every athlete using The Athlete Book has access to free courses from our employer partners, career coaches, and resume specialists. Completing those courses will not only leave them better prepared for the job market, but also earn them points and badges that will drive them up the leaderboards. And athletic departments looking to achieve their own educational initiatives also have a premium option to offer their own custom course content into our gaming environment. Plus, available sponsorship opportunities within the course space can not only offset costs, but can also build a new revenue stream for your department.

Premium Reporting Featuresᴮᴱᵀᴬ

Athletic departments taking advantage of The Athlete Book‘s premium reporting features (beta) are delivered weekly analytics can be used to help drive engagement between your coaches and athletes. Data dashboards and CSV reports will help you make sense of the progress being made team-by-team, by class year, or your a look at your entire athlete pool. Nobody wants to be at the bottom of the leaderboard, and making the shift to measuring the frequency of career exploration opens up a world of possibilities for your department and athletes.

Measuring athlete career exploration

When your athletic department measures the frequency of athlete career exploration a flywheel of growth emerges.  Don’t waste money on career development software for your athletes that will never guarantee the results you need. Instead, invest in a system that demands athlete growth and new revenue for your athletic department.

Virtual Career Events

Our niche hiring events are designed to simplify the process of educating athletes about employer opportunities in their specific areas of interest. Geography is never an issue with our online, athlete recruiting events. Your athletes can engage in a text-based chat conversation while traveling home from a game. 

Our live identity career workshops are always recorded and can be streamed at a later time, so your athletes never have to miss out on an opportunity.

Career Discovery Assessment

The Athlete Book’s career development experience starts with our mobile-friendly, Career Discovery Assessment. It takes just 90 seconds and has a 95% completion rate. Not only does each athlete receive a detailed breakdown of who they are, but you also receive a dashboard view of the personality make up of your entire population. The insights gained from these results are a true game-changer. To learn more sign up for our next webinar or schedule a demo.

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