Athlete Career Development, Jobs, and Hiring Events

The Athlete Book is an effective career development resource for athletes which concentrates on career education, introductions, internships and job placements for college and alumni athletes.

FERPA and NCAA compliant, we manage a secure delivery of your data analytics, safely monitoring which athletes are taking control of their future.

Make an ROI With Our Packages

Yes, your department can actually make a monetary return on investment with our Career Playbook’s Partnership Package.

Everyone wins, especially your athletes!

I. C. E - Identity, Connections, Exposure

The Athlete Book’s I.C.E. Framework of college athlete career development is the foundation of our service offerings.  


Insights gained from assessment results are a true game changer.  To learn more sign up for our next webinar or schedule a demo.   


Virtual online hiring events make career networking easy and non-threatening. Most importantly, athletes can participate via their phones, so no matter where they are they can still chat with a campus recruiter that wants to hire an athlete.


When you invest in The Athlete Book, your athletes gain access to life after sports. Premium content is continuously being created and curated to expose athletes to influences outside their bubble.

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Career Events

Niche hiring events designed to educate athletes on employer opportunities in their specific areas of interest. Geography is never an issue with our virtual online, athlete recruiting events. Your athletes can engage in a text-based chat conversation while traveling home from a game. 

Our live Identity career workshops are always recorded and streamed live, so your athletes never miss out on an opportunity.

The Athlete Book’s Online Hiring Events

Chat-based events remove geographic barriers between busy college athletes and campus recruiters

The Athlete Book is constantly sourcing employers that want to hire athletes

Career Discovery Assessment

Easy for Athletes to Complete

Mobile friendly, scientifically driven image-based test that collects hundreds of personality data points 30x faster than comparable assessments. Only takes 90 seconds to complete with a 95% completion rate. Take your athletes to a career that matches their core traits and see the future change for the better.