Discover traits to find your career

Simon Saneck has made the “Start with Why” concept hip and trendy, So I’ll start there.

When I was a college athlete I graduated knowing little about the world and all its career possibilities. The dominant visionary traits in me could picture my future of living in the penthouse apartment yet I was blind to the career that would manifest the desired end state.

What happens when we athletes with grit find career paths that align with their dominant traits?  Will we create leaders to overcome global challenges?

The time to focus on the production of leadership is now.

The Athlete Book experience starts with an experience of discovering personality traits and exploring how they may relate to possible careers.  A happy life is a pursuit to align passion, dominant traits, with career.  Are you in alignment?

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Ask these Questions & Get Results – How to Win the Virtual Career Fair

You signed up for an online hiring event, and now you are wondering what to ask. Don't worry, we're here to help! Below are four questions you can ask campus recruiters at an Online Hiring Event. Get the answers you need and the job you want. Step 1.: Find out what they are looking for in an employee. "What type of traits do you feel makes the ideal candidate for this job?" I love this question because it shows you respect and value what the recruiter thinks. Step 2. Learn About Job Specifics -- get the “day in the life” picture: Get details on the daily job function. “Can you go into a little more detail on what this person would be doing on a day-to-day basis?" Based on the recruiter’s response; ask yourself, can you imagine yourself in their work environment? Step 3. Occupation Location: Find out the location preference for the opportunity. “Where is the office located? Which location is your opportunity?” Step 4. Work Environment: Get a sense of the company/team environment and culture. “Can you help me understand the team and the company culture? In this opportunity, would I be contributing more as an individual or would I be collaborating with a team?” Take on the position of an investigative journalist. Push yourself to engage and gather information. Record your findings. Would you like an internship or Job with Under Armour, Amazon, or GE? If so, CLICK HERE to find and register for a hiring event.

How a Campus Recruiter Should Approach an Online Career Fair

If you work in Campus Recruiting and are responsible for selecting recruiting events, eventually you will consider participating in an online career fair. The question many campus recruiting managers ask us at The Athlete Book is, ”What should my recruiters say to keep the conversation moving? A recruiter’s conversation in an online career fair should be essentially the same as that at a live career fair. In either format, let's acknowledge that career fairs are top-of-funnel activities in the campus recruiting life cycle. We’re not there to make job offers. (more…)

A Student-Athlete’s Six Steps to Landing an Internship or Job via Online Career Fairs

In the next few weeks, The Athlete Book will be hosting a series of online hiring events for college athletes. The format of these events will be primarily ‘chat based’; These ‘chat based’ career fairs will continue to trend in popularity. Online career fairs are a fairly new concept, but for busy students and traveling campus recruiters, there is no better way to recruit campus talent. This is especially true for recruiting hardworking student-athletes. Their career development path requires a special type of on-the-go flexibility that virtual career fairs can readily provide. (more…)

From College Athlete to Super Bowl Sideline Reporter

By: Shelby Vaccaro Being a student-athlete in college is rewarding in more ways than one but with college comes the future and a career. As an athlete you play for the competition, hard work and that rush of adrenaline but you always know that it will soon all come to an end. For CBS sports reporter Evan Washburn he found another way to not only stay on the field but to stay a part of the game as well. (more…)