We believe in athletes

In addition to providing a space for you to list open jobs to thousands of athletes across the country, virtual recruitment events, branded courses, and sponsored content opportunities make The Athlete Book the perfect addition to your recruiting strategy.

Start your legacy by sharing your position

Share your expertise and help shape elite athletes into the next generation of employees.

Benefits of using The Athlete Book

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Your own space

Each employer page on The Athlete Book educates, connects, and drives applications amongst athletes nationwide.

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Diverse workforce

With over 400 HBCU college coaches and athletic administrators in our network, The Athlete Book knows who to contact on your behalf.

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Apply points and badges to your employer brand content, so you are certain of which candidates are educated and interested in your offerings.  Making sure your time is spent with the right talent.

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Reduce your costs

Waste less time and reduce your recruitment costs by searching The Athlete Book’s diverse pool of applicants.