Event Partnership Program

As an event partner, you will host networking events with special guest features on a virtual platform that guarantees a unique networking experience for your guests.  This platform enables intimate conversation and the freedom to work a room from the comfort of your home.

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Establish Industry Respect

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Become a Great Resource

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Earn a New Revenue Stream


We believe that people who are motivated enough to bring the industry together are the same people who are passionate about their careers. The Athlete Book’s mission is to connect college and professional athletes to their next passion in life. By creating industry events throughout the year, athletes get a chance to absorb your industry passion.


The Event Partner Program is ideal for anyone who belongs to or manages an existing association, industry meetup group, conference, or community.

How it works

Is the Event Partner Program right for you?

The Athlete Book’s Event Partner Program is perfect for those who:

  • Want to lead the growth of a professional community.
  • Are passionate about a cause or an industry topic.
  • Seek to cultivate a new revenue stream.

Sound like you? Then consider becoming an Event Partner with The Athlete Book.

How can I earn income as an Event Partner?

The Athlete Book gives you the tools and support to hold an event that will engage your guests while simultaneously promoting your business and status as a thought leader. When your event topic, guest, and theme attract attendees, sponsors will follow. Benefits include:

  • 50% commission on your event sponsorships and ticket sales should you choose to charge for admittance.
  • An option to participate in our Software Referral Program. Refer a client to The Athlete Book’s gamified learning management and recruitment software and earn 20% commission.

Considerations If you decide to move forward

Sponsorship comes when the tribe shows up and returns again. You are not hosting one event, rather a regular gathering of like-minds.  They attend your events because YOU know how to curate an environment of connection, stimulation, and community.

Our philosophy told at TEDx

View the TedX talk that inspired the Event Partnership Program.

Ready to get started?

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