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LRT Sports Remote Internship

This job open for
Must be completed by
May 21, 2019

LRT Sports internship program is a 12-week semester program which is broken down into four rotations; you will experience all four rotations. We have an average of 20 to 25 interns per semester.

The work that our interns do is directly related to helping high school student-athletes and their families. We want to help make the process easy and transparent for them.

Four rotations that interns will move through:

Statistics and Research, Digital Marketing, Content and Social Media/Creative

Statistics and Research

Some projects that interns will be doing:

1.    Stats and research on head coaches

2.    NCAA rule changes and then put together infographics, gather stats/information for CEO & Founder, Keirsten for educational recruiting workshops

3.    Dive into google analytics data and how that affects a business

4.    Understanding social media statistics

5.    Research all things college sports

6.    Email marketing data analytics

7.    Research sports, schools for educational seminars and more

Digital marketing- Marketing LRT digitally through all SM platforms.

A few projects that you would be doing:

1.    Tweeting out what is happening with LRT Sports

2.    Reach out to potential partners

3.    Connect and engage to build lasting ties with our audience

4.    Learn visitor retention strategies to re-engaging a business’s audience so they have repeat traffic and learn how to increase brand awareness

5.    Sales (topic, PowerPoint, sell the topic that is given to you and then mentors/ team will evaluate). This helps with confidence and being able to sell yourself once in the workforce

6.    Learn about SEO, search engine optimization and strategy that attracts and engages quality traffic through prominent organic ranking on Google and more


Some projects that interns will do:

1.    NCAA rule change videos, to keep high school athletes up to date

2.    News reporting about all things college sports

3.    You will Interview pro athletes, student-athletes, and head coaches, draft questions, video interview, and edit video

4.    New idea generation

5.    Campus Tours, great way get a school on an athlete’s radar

6.    Recruiting Horror Story series, way to let high school athletes that problems can happen when being recruited, what they should look out for

7.    Creative blogs related to all things college sports

8.    And much more

Social Media/Creative- Opportunity to make social media for a sports business.

A few projects that you would be doing:

1.    Motivational sports videos

2.    Fun facts about college sports/sports at your college

3.    Videos promoting coaches at your school, that are in good standing

4.    Sports/coach skits about the recruiting process, this is a great way to indirectly help high school athletes in a fun but educational way

5.    Innovative ideas to help recruits

6.    Video editing/education

7.   Dive into social media statistics

8.   We encourage you to think outside the box and for you to step outside your comfort zone and more

•    LRT Sports Mentors: We have four returning interns/mentors. They work with us to help educate you on our business and they help guide all the interns through our internship program.

•    We communicate daily with all of our interns. We use on an online office called Slack which they have to engage on at least three times a day. This is an amazing tool that allows all of our interns to work remotely.

•    Our culture is very relaxed but we also work hard.

*LRT Sports Internship Program/ Not a paid internship, you will receive class credits

If you are interested please email me your resume and a brief paragraph on why you think you would be a good fit for our company. Email

What we look for in our interns: Upbeat personality, consistent, willing to step outside the box, willing to grow, passionate about helping and educating others, great communication skills?