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Experiences, opportunities, partnerships, and training that take you from where you are to the place you want to be.

College Athletic Departments

Turn professional development into a game. The Athlete Book offers jobs, internships, contests, virtual events, mental health tips, development tracking, and opportunities to raise funds for your athletic department.

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Employers, recruiters, course creators, and brands all have an opportunity when working with The Athlete book.

''The Athlete Book games the career-building process by bringing together educators, employers, and brands, creating a single-touchpoint process for the professional development of elite athletes.''

– Ryan Drummond, Founder

Leave your legacy by passing knowledge to the next generation.

Are you passionate about your profession?

Every year the NCAA produces roughly 200,000 high-grit individuals into the workforce.  Help athletes evolve their passion of sport to a career pursuit.  The next generation of talent can only pursue what they can see. Shine a light on the challenges you solve and the opportunities your industry offers.  Passion is contagious, consider sharing your passion and leaving your legacy.